From all of us at Chill Frogs, we are proud to present the Chill Frogs Extended Universe Phase I map.
This is our much anticipated long-term roadmap for the project. We are so excited to announce all the changes Chill Frogs will be undergoing to make this project a great success!

Now before I start rambling, allow me to introduce…

Phase One.

Wew! What a beaut. “But what does it all mean?!” I hear you asking?
Allow me to explain:

Short term — ongoing

Community engagement & events (Town)

  • Social media giveaways and collaborative giveaways with other projects.
  • Discord parties returning with our main man Louie C. Rhymes.
  • Weekly games/activities including classic table top games & frog-related games like guess-the-movie.

Frozen-Hands™ (Frozen Lake)

  • Giveaways introducing custom 1:1 NFTs to expand the Chill Frogs universe, such as the “Golden Lilypad”, “Fly Snacks”, “Old Man Fuddletoad’s Walking Stick” — prizes released in an “Extended Universe” side collection on-chain.

The first Official Frog-Off™ (Frozen Citadel)

  • Choose a frog you hold and compete against others in a bracket style tournament. The community votes for their favourite out of the two competing frogs round by round.
  • Winner receives the very first custom merch release featuring their frog and be featured in our Chill Frogs comic!
    Who will sit atop the Icy Throne in the Frozen Citadel?

Mid Term — Q4 2021

Comic strips (Travelling Merchant)

  • Working alongside MetaverseNextDoor to further expand the Chill Frogs universe and introduce permanent characters and narrative leading up to the SECOND. DROP.

And yep. You read correctly. SECOND. DROP. Let’s touch on a few epic announcements first before getting into that.

Merch releases (The Forge)

  • We will be working on getting custom 1:1 beanies and caps out ASAP. These will be very limited and only given out to contest winners, the Chillest Frog, amazing members of our community, etc.
  • We will also have some more ready-available prints on t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers and so on.
  • Word is, there’s a cute lil’ plush froggie in the works too 👀

Frozen-Hands™ Reflections (Gold Mine)

  • Frozen-Hands™️ holders will be very excited for this revamp introducing epic advantage to having your Chill Frogs delisted (among other requirements to be determined later).
  • Frozen-Hands holders will receive a ‘reflection’ from the secondary market sales, paid in ETH, making Frozen-Hands quite the catch!
  • Frozen-Hands portal integrated into the website.
  • Late November ETA.

Dayum. How good does all that sound? Now that it’s out of the way, let’s hear about this second drop.


The Princess & The Frog (Castle, Fiery Pits of Hell, Skeleton Fortress)

  • A new 6,000 NFT collection airdropped to Chill Frog holders only.
  • Playing on the “Princess and The frog” fairy tale, 6,000 princesses will be given to Chill Frog holders at a 1:1 rate. You will receive 1 princess for every frog you own.
  • There will be 6 different types of princess you could receive:
    Human Princess, Undead/Skeleton Princess, Ape Princess, Devil Princess, Alien Princess, and one more to be decided by the community. Some types will be more rare than others. More on that to come later!
  • There will also be 5 “Not A Princess” NFTs — very rare 1:1 Uniques with each one being drawn by a different artist. Here’s a few of the homies that we have onboard so far:
    Sage Barnes
  • Princesses will later be able to transform their frog partners into a third NFT — Following the same tale, the princesses will give their frog counterparts a big smooch causing the frog to morph into a new hybrid (depending on what princess-type was used).
  • Princesses will be tradeable and have their own traits, rarities and variations — however these will not affect the 3rd-NFT-hybrid-frog created later down the track, only the princess-type will.
  • November release.

And here’s a little reward for getting through all the text so far:

Long Term — 2022 and onwards

‘It Was Only a Kiss’ (Mysterious Lair)

  • The 3rd drop for Chill Frogs. Princesses will be used to morph frogs into a hybrid version depending on what princess-type is used.
  • Neither frog nor princess will be burned during this process.
  • The only cost required are gas fees (if you are already holding both a frog and princess).
  • 4,000 more frog-hybrids will be available for the public to mint at a cost relevant to the floor price of Chill Frogs at the time of the 3rd drop.
  • Early 2022 release.

Chill Frogs enter The Metaverse (The Pond)

  • AKA the PONDVERSE. The Chill Frogs will join the metaverse in a 3-D multiplayer game.
  • Players will explore the new universe and interact with characters introduced through prior comics, Extended Universe NFTs, secondary drops, etc.
  • Players can also own lily pads within the pond that they can decorate themselves.

Phase One

Now that we’re all across the board on what exactly the roadmap means, what about Phase One?

Well, the NFT space is so new and rapidly changing. With all the changes we’re making to Chill Frogs, we will be doing so alongside a rapidly growing NFT space. Phase One will be keeping us busy into 2022, but we are also capable of starting and building a Phase Two or even a Phase Three of Chill Frogs depending on how NFTs and their role in the crypto space evolve.

We hope you enjoyed this update

just as much as we are excited to announce it. Thanks to all the current holders and supporters of Chill Frogs for waiting patiently while we worked on this. You guys are the reason we are here and the reason we are able to build more and more on top of the original Chill Frogs idea. And to all the new holders, welcome to our awesome community, we’re so glad you will be joining us 😄

~Love from Shrvy & the Chill Frogs team ❤️



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